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Products and services

In close cooperation with the embassy in Berlin, the consulate and Innovation Centre in Munich, and the general consulate in Hamburg, the danish embassy in Vienna offers targeted advice to your business, including in relation to the following services: 
  • Assessment of opportunities on the Austrian market
  • Identification of marketing channels 
  • Marked monitoring
  • Contact to Austrian authorities
  • Information about Austrian companies
  • Business analysis
  • Search for business partners
  • Possibility to rent rooms at the embassy
  • Events, e.g. company presentation for existing and/or potential Austrian partners, possibly with the participation of the ambassador.
  • Admission to business networks

Export cooperation:
The Danish Embassy in Vienna is a part of a regional cooperation, consisting of Austria, Germany and Switzerland, when it comes to export and exportation. This ensure the best guidance for Danish companies on German-speaking markets, among other having specialised sector teams across the national borders. 

The regional cooperation is anchored at the trade office at the Embassy in Berlin, the innovation office in Munich, and the general consulate in Hamburg. The Danish Embassy in Vienna does not have its own independent trade office. 
Danish companies are more than welcome to contact either the Danish embassy in Vienna or the trade office in Berlin for further information.