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Danmarks indlæg ved Board of Governors den 1. til den 5. marts 2021

René IAEA 

Agenda item 6: Verification and monitoring in the Islamic Republic of Iran in light of United Nations Security Council Resolution 2231 (2015)

IAEA Board of Governors

Vienna, 1-5 March 2021

Statement by Denmark

Madam Chair

Denmark fully subscribes to the EU statement delivered earlier.

We continue to support full implementation of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPoA). We are strongly in favour of preserving this key multilateral agreement because of its clear non-proliferation benefits.

To accomplish this, we consider it crucial for Iran to return to full implementation of all its commitments. This applies both to the deeply regrettable nuclear activities taken over the last two years and recently accelerated and to those related to verification and monitoring of the agreement.

We are therefore deeply concerned by steps taken to reduce the IAEA’s access and oversight regarding sites, activities and relevant information. We thank the Director General and the Agency for their commendable efforts to mitigate the impact of these Iranian decisions, but note the temporary and partial nature of the Understanding reached. We urge Iran to resume implementation of all transparency measures as envisaged in the JCPOA without delay.

We continue to attach strong importance to the IAEA’s professional and independent monitoring and verification activities and have made an additional voluntary contribution of 120,000 Euro since the last Board meeting in order to support the JCPoA and the Agency.

In conclusion, we welcome and support all efforts aimed at realising the prospect of a US return to the JCPOA and Iran’s return to full JCPOA implementation.

Thank you, Madam Chair

Agenda item 7e: NPT Safeguards Agreement with the Islamic Republic of Iran

IAEA Board of Governors, Vienna, 1-5 March 2021

Statement by Denmark

Denmark subscribes to the EU statement delivered under this agenda item. We thank the Director General and the Safeguards Department for their ongoing hard work to implement the Safeguards Agreement with Iran and to clarify questions that have arisen, and indeed intensified, with regard to the correctness and completeness of Iran’s declarations.

We are concerned by the length of time that has elapsed without sufficient Iranian cooperation to solve these questions. We welcome the Director General’s readiness to engage Iran in a proactive and focussed effort to break the impasse and we call on Iran to respond positively.

In this regard we thank the Director General for his most recent initiative as mentioned this morning and call on Iran to implement its safeguards obligations in full without further delay. This includes the implementation of the modified Code 3.1 of the Subsidiary Arrangements, which cannot be modified unilaterally.

We applaud the IAEA’s independent and impartial verification work and look forward to the continuation of the verification activities in accordance with the Agency’s standard practise, which includes the continued evaluation of all available safeguards-relevant information. We thank the Director General for his commitment to continuing to report to the Board as appropriate.

In closing, we support all measures designed to further the goal of maintaining and strengthening the safeguards system and the international non-proliferation regime and consider this issue important in that regard.

Thank you Madam Chair